“Through her Lifes: Woman Behind the Camera”

Marina Abramovic / Diane Arbus / Lucienne Bloch / Sophie Calle / Brigit Jurgessen / Sally Mann

10.04.2024 / 11.05.2024

Apertura: Miércoles, 10 de abril.

Calle San Lorenzo, 3. Madrid.

M-S: 11h-14h / J-V: 16.30h-19h

(+34) 669 950 495 copia.jpg copia.jpg copia.jpg Frida on the Train for contrast Mediano copia_v2.jpg Frida by the Window Wardell Hotel Mediano copia 2.jpg Henle Frida in Her Studio 1943 copia.jpg henle Frida at the Pond copia.jpg Henle Frida in Her Shawl copia.jpg the lamb_high res_v2.jpg