Frida Kahlo: | Through her Life with the Camera

03.11.2022 / 03.12.2022

Calle San Lorenzo, 3. 28004 Madrid.

M-V: 11-14h / 16-19h. S:11-14h

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Lectura sobre Frida at the Border.jpg Frida and Diego at the Park, Belle Isle, Michigan Mediano copia 2.jpg Frida Winking copia Grande copia.jpg Frida in front of the unfinished Unity panel for contrast Mediano copia.jpg Frida Biting her Necklace for contrast Mediano copia.jpg Frida at the Barbizon Plaza Hotel Mediano copia.jpg Frida Under the Negroes Sign Mediano copia.jpg Frida on the Train for contrast Mediano copia.jpg Frida by the Window Wardell Hotel Mediano copia.jpg Frida by the Cactus to use for contrast Mediano copia.jpg henle Frida at the Pond.jpg Henle Frida in Her Shawl.jpg Henle Frida in Her Studio 1943.jpg Henle Frida Outside the Church.jpg Henle Frida Holding Her Shawl.jpg a San Agustin 1909.jpg a San Pasculaito 1912.jpg a la Virgen de Guadalupe, 1913.jpg a San Sebastián de Aparicio 1919.jpg a San Patricio 1929.jpg a Nuestro Sr Jesucristo 1952.jpg